Monday, February 28, 2011

Gracie in the Snow

Here is my little Gracie in the snow. The little red coat I made for her really fits her well and shows up great against the snow. This photo was taken yesterday, but overnight we had rain and a thunderstorm and most of the snow is gone. So glad we got the pics yesterday! Gracie is just over 3 months old now. She LOVES being outside and is going to be a wonderful walking buddy for me.


  1. Your li'l Gracie is absolutely adorable, as is your blog. I became a follower lickety-split.

    Check out my blog and you'll see my li'l Bailey, who is a li'l rescue who.....rescued me!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. And I agree that life is more fulfilling with our furbabies!

  3. Mary,
    Such a pretty god and I love her little coat. I live in Florida, so my dog has never seen the snow, (I think he'd be afraid of it)

  4. My has your sweetie grown!

  5. She is twice the size she was when she came home with us. I just love her!