Monday, July 4, 2011

Slice machine update

I received an email from Making Memories stating that my Slice was "not performing to optimum standards" and that they were sending me a brand new machine.  It was shipped by Fed Ex and it came Saturday.  It was already upgraded to the new features of shadowing and mirroring, and it cuts really well.  I have tried 3-4 different design cards in it, making sure to test the cuts the other one was unable to do. 

The old one seemed not to have much power when it was used without the power cord.  That is half the convenience of this little gizmo!  Anyway, I am very happy with the replacement, and its ability to cut as a cordless machine.  I just ordered 2 more design cards this morning!

I really love the new Slice, and will be using it a good deal with my Gracie scrapbook.  It is so handy to have a portable cutter that can operate without cords.  Especially with 2 puppies in the house!  Two puppies!  What were we thinking??

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